Addax - Tough Cookie? NO? [COMPLETE]


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Addax, Addax, Addax... many said he's the hardest custom mob there is on Dreamer RO. Really? Is he? As I began to do my lil homework on him, I found that...

HE IS FLAWED!!! - I guess HaZe wanted it that way...

@mi 2300

Let's do a quick @mi (monster info) on Addax, let's see what we'd get...

MVP Monster: 'Addax'/'Addax'/'Addax' (2300)
Level:502 HP:360000000 SP:6787 Base EXP:4294967295 Job EXP:4294967295
Def:80 MDEF:80 STR:1700 AGIL192 VIT:165 INT:1620 DEX:1685 LUK:85
ATK:60000~65000 Range:5~10~12 Size:Large Race:Beast Element:Ghost (lv:4)
- Yggdrasil Berry 100.00% - Medal of Honor[1] 60.00% - Dead Branch Box 70.00%
- Sleipnir 40.00% - Enriched Elunum 100.00% - Enriched Oridecon 100.00%
- Addax Card 3.00%
MVP Bonus EXP:200192000 100.00%
This monster has no MVP prizes.

Lemme guess, the first thing that caught your eyes would be this: Level:502 HP:360000000 (that's 360million HP!!! 1 year to kill him?)
Then what caught your eyes next would be this: STR:1700 and this: ATK:60000~65000 (cannot go near him right? sure DIE!!!)
Next you thought that you have a plan to that, and to find that: DEX:1685 (Addax hardly or NEVER misses)
So you looked for another alternative by then you also realized: INT:1620 (Oh crap, his Earthquake is gonna be BRUTAL)
And the you conclude:


well not really... You'd be surprised!

1.0 Back To Basics

I remember back then, LOOONGGGGGG ago, before there was Thanatos... everyone on an official server would pride themselves with refined gears. I remember how crazy and costly it was for a piece of +10 Equipment. They're quite rare, and they're well sought after.

As I look deeper into Addax, I came to realize:

1. Addax DO NOT slot Thanatos Card into his "stick" (weapon)
2. Addax DO NOT slot High Wizard Card into his "horns" (headgear)

So, I could conclude that, there's ABSOLUTELY no harm getting HIGH defence on your gears...

2.0 Strategy

"So what you're telling us is to get high refined gears when we fight him..." - YES!
"So let's see, for damage, we'd slot this card, that card, these cards, and a Thanatos Card..." - Bad strategy: There goes -60 Equipment Defence, down the drain.
"Then HOW? We cannot use Thanatos Card, he has a friggin 80Def you know..." - Not a problem
"So what's the use then? Cannot use Thanatos Card, damage on a 80Def would be LOW!!!" - Not a problem
"So what we can do is to Berzerk, and just hit, and if we die, we respawn, and hit again!!!" - Bad strategy: You'd get both DEF and MDEF 0...

Back to Basics again... The HIGHER the defence of your equipments = the lower damage you'd get right?

Exactly the point, but I guess you all missed seeing this too:


Back to Basics again... In what condition one can deal critical damage on you? When his/her Critical Rating (figure) is HIGHER than yours right? - Hint Hint...

3.0 Solution

So let's play higher Luck than Addax, let's go Critical Build, and urmmm, let's aim 100 Critical Rating (Figure) - That solves your 80DEF on Addax problem, and that also solves your "Addax dealing me OMGWTFH4XBBQ damage problem" - with +10 Equipments...

Let's use an Assassin Cross...

Let's look at the amount of Def you can get with easily obtainable/refinable equipments:

Chainmail (base Def is 8), refined 10 is 18 Def... NO. Each refine doesn't give you a solid 1 Defence, it gives 0.65-0.7 Defence ONLY... so for a +10, you can easily add 7 Solid Defence to your EQ Defence Figure... so for +10 Chainmail you'd get at least 15 Solid Defence...

+10 Chainmail[1] - 15 Physical Defence, 0 Magic Defence
+10 Pauldron[1] - 12 Physical Defence, 0 Magic Defence
+10 Spiky Band[1] - 13 Physical Defence, 0 Magic Defence
+10 Boots[1] - 11 Physical Defence, 0 Magic Defence
+10 Thorny Shield[1] - 12 Physical Defence, 0 Magic Defence

Total of 63 Equipment Defence... which means you'll only receive 37% Physical Damage from Addax... but wait... slap an Alice Card into the shield (Receive 40% less damage from Boss monster) and the maths would give you...

0.37 x 0.6 = 0.222 = 23% Damage taken from Addax only... 23% of 65000 = 14950 damage per hit... (Don't forget you haven't taken into account Element Resistance and other reductions...)

Imagine what you could achieve with a Rune Knight/Lord Knight... with more base Equipment Defence xD

So yea, I hope this gives you a rough idea how "abusable" Addax is... Have fun ^^

Tip: There are also equipments which give SLIGHTLY lower Physical Equipment Defence, but also gives Magic Equipment Defence (MDEF). So yea... would be your best friend xD

<3 iToxic