Hello Everyone. This is my first Post.
I am writing this post for people who want custom pets.

  • Dreamer Ro offers costom pets which can be exchanged for Golden Pet Coin available through V4P[vote for point].
  • You will need 5 V4P to buy golden pet coin.
  • After you have bought the golden pet coin by exchanging the V4P at the V4P NPC at caspian ,you can go to ayothaya 171 139(@go 18)
  • There talk to the Pet hunter. He is towards the right from where you spawn (ayothaya 171 139).
  • You will get two choices eithere to take a level 1 pet or level 2 pet
  • Both the Lvl 1 and Lvl 2 pets provide Lvl 15 Blessing.
  • Level 1 pets are for 1 gold pet coin provide and Level 2 pets are for 2 gold coin pet.
  • The Lvl 2 Pets have the auto attack ability if some monster attacks you but does not attack other players if they attack you.
  • All the custom pets eat Pet Food available at the mall.
  • All the custom pets don't have any accessory equipment
  • Both lvl 1 and lvl 2 pets can auto attack but lvl 2 pets attack are stronger than lvl1
  • lvl15 blessing are now working atm

Thank you and let me know if i have gone wrong some where since its my first and will rectify as soon as possible.

IGN Princess Safina
IGN duel buTeTe

~~ Custom pets available atm~~

1Gold Coin pets/ Lvl.1 pets
(Added external links to show you what they look like. it opens in a new link)
1. Am Mut
2. Angeling
3. Baby Leopard
4. Rice Cake Boy
5. Sage Worm
6. Christmas Cookie

2 Gold Coin pets/ Lvl.2
(also added external links, except for Piamette and the morroc pets, will be adding them as soon as I find them ^^)

1. Garden Keeper
2. Hodremlin
3. Incarnation of Morroc1~3

Made by

username Hyeon25
IGN KyoHey (minstrel)