This guide is not guaranteed to be 100% perfect so don't expect to be invincible if following this guide

Sup, Electronic here.
I get a lot of questions about how to play champion, so I might as well write a guide here for your assistance.
I cannot guarantee that this guide is perfect and will make you amazingly awesome at playing any champion class.
Playing a champion depends on your own skills, it's not about how amazing your equips and build is.
If you don't know how to use and understand all of your skills then it doesn't matter if you use donation gears or newbie gears.


Mainly there are four types of champions;

Asura Strike.
Finger Offensive.

If there's more then do tell me, I'm always interested in knowing.

First let's take a look at the skill Asura Strike:

Requirements for Asura Strike: Finger Offensive Lv. 3, Critical Explosion Lv. 3
Required for: Body Relocation (Lv. 3)
Required state: Critical Explosion (Fury) has to be activated.
Sphere cost: 5 Spheres.
Usable only when Critical Explosion is active. Uses all SP to do massive damage to the target, HP/SP will not regenerate naturally for 5 minutes after Asura Strike is used.
Cancels Critical Explosion after use and requires all remaining Spirit Spheres (that is all 5 if cast independently). Damage is [(Weapon ATK+Base ATK) x (8 + SP/10) + 250 + (150*SkillLV)]*Card Effects.
Can be used while catching someone using LV 5 Blade Stop or with no Cast Time at the end of a combo attack (Triple Attack -> Chain Combo -> Combo Finish -> Asura Strike) but the Critical Explosion and Sphere requirements remain in both cases (usable with the 4 spheres remaining after activating Blade Stop/Combo Finish).
Increasing the Asura Strike skill level has a relatively small effect on total damage compared to increasing SP, INT or STR. This skill can be interrupted.


+ 400 ATK 4.0s cast, 3.0s Delay
+ 550 ATK 3.5s cast, 2.5s Delay
+ 700 ATK 3.0s cast, 2.0s Delay
+ 850 ATK 2.5s cast, 1.5s Delay
+ 1000 ATK 2.0s cast, 1.0 sDelay

Not that tough to figure out, right?
Or is it?
A lot of people focuses on the part of the formula which says (8 + SP/10)
But that doesn't mean that 500 INT increases the damage of your asura strike.
Actually, the max SP cap for asura strike is 6000 sp.
Therefor, max int is useless.
Hey wait, who says that it's true? What if it's something she's making up?
My dear doubtful friends, I've tested this myself, and with 500 INT and only 50 INT I did around the same amount of damage.
So no, I'm not trying to make you believe stuff that is untrue.

Asura Strike is a powerful attack that, most of the time, 1 hit K.O. the opponent.
But, what if the opponent doesn't die from an Asura Strike?
Then what?
Your SP is drained out.

Or not.This is where combos gets effective.


When you use Asura Strike and it doesn't take out your opponent you're in quiet a dillema.
This is where combo champions steps in.
Due to much sadness from my side, combo champions are not popular on DreamerRO, such a shame.
When played correctly combo champions can own you in the face.
They rely on attack, attackspeed, hp and defense.
That way they can attack an opponent head-on without getting killed in 2 seconds.
Now, let's take a look at the skills;

Chain Combo:

SP cost: 10+SkillLV.
Requirements: Triple Attack Lv. 5
Required for: Combo Finish (Lv. 3)
Usable only after a Triple Attack. Hits the enemy, dealing 4 powerful strikes. The Caster can not move for a short period. Damage is (150+50*SkillLV)% ATK.


Does 200% ATK
Does 250% ATK
Does 300% ATK
Does 350% ATK
Does 400% ATK

Combo Finish:


SP cost
: 10 + SkillLV
Requirements: Chain Combo (Lv. 3)
Required for: Steel Body (Lv. 3) andTiger Knuckle Fist (Lv. 3)
Sphere cost: 1 Sphere
Usable only after a Chain Combo. Unleashes a final attack on the enemy. Requires 1 Spirit Sphere to use. Damage is (240+60*SkillLV)% ATK.


Does 300% ATK
Does 360% ATK
Does 420% ATK
Does 480% ATK
Does 540% ATK

Tiger Knuckle Fist:


SP cost: 2 + 2*SkillLV
Requirements: Iron Hand (Lv. 5), Call Spirits (Lv. 5), Triple Attack (Lv. 5), Combo Finish (Lv. 3)
Required for: Chain Crush Combo (Lv. 2)
Sphere cost: 1 Sphere
This skill can be used as a part of the combination skill of Triple Attack, Chain Combo and Combo Finish.
When you use this skill, you'll run up to the enemy and hit him. The target will be unable to move for a brief amount of time. Requires 1 Spirit Sphere.


ATK +140%, stun chance 20%
ATK +240%, stun chance 30%
ATK +340%, stun chance 40%
ATK +440%, stun chance 50%
ATK +540%, stun chance 60%

Chain Crush Combo:


SP cost: 2 + 2*SkillLV
Requirements: Iron Hand (Lv. 5), Call Spirits (Lv. 5), Tiger Knuckle Fist (Lv. 2)
Sphere cost: 2 Spheres.
Also a combination skill, can only be chained after Combo Finish OR Tiger Knuckle Fist. Tiger Knuckle Fist can not be chained after this, but Asura Strike can.
As the skills level goes up, the amount of hits you'll do, as well as overall damage, will increase. 2 spheres are required to use this skill. If the caster still has at least one Spirit Sphere, he can follow up an Asura Strike.
The longest possible combo a Champion may use is Triple Attack -> Chain Combo -> Combo Finish -> Tiger Knuckle Fist -> Chain Crush Combo -> Asura Strike, provided he has the necessary Spirit Spheres.
The Damage is (400+100*SkillLV)% ATK.


ATK 500%, 1 Hit
ATK 600%, 1 Hit
ATK 700%, 2 Hits
ATK 800%, 2 Hits
ATK 900%, 3 Hits
ATK 1000%, 3 Hits
ATK 1100%, 4 Hits
ATK 1200%, 4 Hits
ATK 1300%, 5 Hits
ATK 1400%, 5 Hits

Playing combo champion is quiet simple, all you need is spamming skills when it comes to the combos.
From own experiences I took out a Rune Knight in berserk with the combo;Triple Attack -> Chain Combo -> Combo Finish -> Tiger Knuckle Fist -> Chain Crush Combo -> Asura Strike.
The Rune Knight had 12m hp.
I cannot asure you that this will kill the opponent every time you do it, so don't expect much from it, but it does help if you don't want to get screwed over if they don't die from an Asura Strike.

What if I don't want to get in a head-on battle but attack from afar?
Fear not my friends, then you just have to be a Figer Offensive champion.
And those are really popular on DreamerRO.

Now, let's take a look at the skill itself.

external image mo_fingeroffensive.gif

SP cost: 10
Requirements: Investigate (Lv. 3)
Required for: Asura Strike (Lv. 3)
Sphere cost: 1 Sphere pr. level.
Throws Spirit Spheres at enemy. Skill level affects number of spheres that can be thrown, damage is (125+25*SkillLV)% ATK using the element of your current weapon.
Number of thrown Spirits equals to used SkillLV and may miss depending on normal hit probabilities. It has uninterruptible cast but Pneuma will block this skill.

150% ATK Uses 1 Sphere
175% ATK Uses 2 Spheres
200% ATK Uses 3 Spheres
225% ATK Uses 4 Spheres
250% ATK Uses 5 Spheres

Playing Finger Offensive champion really depends on how good your connection is.
If you've been in PvP and seen someone spamming Finger Offensive, you'll notice that some are faster than others.
It's not only about having 3 kiel cards stuffed in your headgears, it also depends on your ping (connection to the host computer).
Low ping = Slow spam.
High ping = Fast spam.
In general it's not that hard to play Finger Offensive champion, it's all about the spam you're able to do.
Advice: If an opponent gets close to you, use Palm Push Strike to push your enemy away from you to reduce damage taken on yourself.
If you're up against a sniper then use Pneuma to stop the sniper from dealing damage and spam his face with Finger Offensive

Hybrid: Uncomplete.
Status builds: Uncomplete.
Equipment (Donation/Non donation): Uncomplete.
Tips 'n tricks: Uncomplete.

Will finish this guide soon.

Contact me on: Megaera Erinyes.