Disclaimer- This guide is not 100% guaranteed you can kill Draconus. You may have to play around a bit.

Status: Complete

Okay. Your reading this guide to figure out how to kill Draconus with a sinx. (Sinx = Assassin Cross or Guillotine Cross, do it as an Assassin Cross first, HaZe hasn't fix the weird 3rd job hero thing) I'm gonna be showing you the way I did it. You need to be level 500 for it. And some donates.

*Side note-Not level 500? Check this guide https://dreamerrohr.wikispaces.com/Getting+to+Level+500+in+less+than+30+minutes!


Okay I don't remember exactly my build. Dx
  • Str=500 Need for damage Dx
  • Dex=300
  • Agi= 195 Attack speed

*Side note- If you press alt+Q you get your stats and your equips.
external image 1zqwwli.jpg
The circle thing is your attack speed. Yea I know its not my sinx.
  • Int=0
  • Luk=0 You can't do critical attacks on him
  • Vit= Rest in vit

Getting what you need

Here comes the hard part. Getting the donates. You can either donate to the server, or do a quest guide and save up enough for donates.
Not gonna do either? Check this guide https://dreamerrohr.wikispaces.com/Newbie+Guide+To+Making+Money!



  • Top- Drooping Eddga (20% Fire resistance) Use BVH if you want the extra damage
  • Middle- FBG any +30 stat wings are fine
  • Armor- Valk armor is fine
  • Blade/Main Gauche A- 2xAbyss 2x Phreeoni
  • Blade/Main Gauche B- 2xAbyss 2xSanta Poring
*Side note- You can get santa poring cards when you start out
  • Sliepnirs
  • Wolfheiden
  • Newbie Gloves or Str Megs


  • Headgears- Orc Hero (MS can stun you) Vanberk (For the Str) Gieath (Resist to his Grimtooth)
  • Armor- Tao (HP)
  • Sliepnirs- Green Ferus (HP)
  • Wolfheiden- Hode (Resist to his Grimtooth) Aliot (More HP+Str)
  • Newbie Gloves- Mantis

How to do it

I try to backslide in a way that I can hit Draconus w/o him hitting him. Example. Running up to him you can get hit with Meteor Storm, or Grimtooth.
Unfortunately I don't have any real proof saying, "Congrats you killed Draconus" screenshots. I deleted my RO folders a lot because of the 3rd Job update.
external image 30w3051.jpg
external image 33y058i.jpg
external image 2lkd2jl.jpg