"Game Knowledge"

*First of all to know the game you must install it. Here are some step to it in your PC.

How to Install DreamerRO:
1. Download the full client and small client in this site
2. Then, after downloading the clients, download the RO renewal patch in this site http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=download_kROLinks.
3. When you fully install the game, patch it up and wait.
4. After you patch it, make a character by registering at dreamerRO website at
5. Then start and enter the game. Enjoy!!!/heh...

In game Atmosphere:

*Here are the basic things you will see when you start to play DreamerRo.

Game Tour:
1. You may find it that people DreamerRo are helpful, especially the GM's, when I play I always approach them but not too much because they have work to do and also there are support players you can count in also.(for more info email [GM] Haze)

2. Custom Kafras, wings, equipments, weapons and many more, what would you expect for a high rate server.

3. Hour by hour events by GMs and automated things:
*hide and seek by Gms
*automated dice game
*500 pvp deathmatch
*3 team pvp by GMs
where if you win, you'll get a "Event Ticket".

4. Scheduled WOE(guild wars):

Asians get 1 WoE, 1 Castle: Every Friday from 7-8:00 Server Time
The castle for Asian WoE is Aldebaran(Hohen), (aldeg_cas02)

Americans get 1 WoE, 1 Castle: Every Saturday from 18-19:00 Server Time
The castle for American WoE is Prontera(GOndul), (prtg_cas05)

5. Custom dungeons and monster where you may get rare boss cards like Thanatos Card, Kiel D-01 Card, Turtle Genral Card, Maya Card and many more.

6. Server Commands are also used in this game, visit the server info guides.

7. Casinos and Level Up field:
*Casinos located at cmd_in02.
*Level Up Field located at izlu2dun.

8. Discover the other things by yourself for excitement. Enjoy!!

Game Jobs:

*Here are some jobs that DreamerRO offers you.

1. Novice to super novice
*to swordsman, acolyte, merchant, thief, archer, mage
2. Swordsman to knight, crusader
*knight to lord knight to rune knight
*crusader to royal guard
3. Acolyte to pries, monk
*priest to high priest to archbishop
*monk to champion to sura
4. Merchant to blacksmith
, chemist
*blacksmith to whitesmith to mechanic
*chemist to alchemist to genetic
5. Thief to assassin, rouge
*assassin to assassin cross to guillotine cross
*rouge to stalker to shadow chaser
6. Archer to hunter, bard/dancer
*hunter to sniper to ranger
*bard to clown to minstrel
*dancer to gypsy to wanderer
7. Mage to wizard, sage
*wizard to high wizard to warlock
*sage to scholar to sorcerer

*So guys here are some game knowledge and guides for you. Enjoy playing the game and have fun.

If you have any comment or anything just email me at lokokings09@yahoo.com or send me a message here
and also thanks for the game [GM] Haze.

IGN: guren is back