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Guides For Fast Leveling with party

With party your experience you received will doubled(because you will receive 2 monster experience with your huntmate) and you can reach the max level in the several time

you want reach to the max level with one hour or less?
follow my guide
first you must create your char n invite your friends to join this game
if you haven't friends in dRO you can search any people with any same lvl or 10 lv different from your level.

you can search for party in broadcast or in mall or in the other place
how to make party :/organize party name
ex:/organize dROparty
after you create your party,you can invite people or your friends into your party
right click on your friends character and choose invite to party

after that you must go to party settings
change the EXP SHARED settings into EVEN SHARE
Don't forget to change it,if you not change it,your experience not effect into doubled
and look for ITEM SHARED if you want to shared loot item with your friend you can change the item shared
into Shared.

and don't forget to look for your friends job
if he's job has only one change
example:Ninja ,Gunslinger,taekwon
and if your char has third job don't party,because the exp is different,
if your job has third job your friend must same too,n also if your job has only one change your friends must same too

This guide is for you guys,n Happy leveling with your friends or other people

My char in dRO:RunesOfGlory