Welcome. This is the first Guide i ever write, and depending on wether it's approved or not, and readed or not, i might continue writing, cuz it's what i love :P

First things first: i noticed no general guide regarding on what the new jobs can do. This guide will cover general purposes. My general idea is to explain what would these jobs do on theory; full practical, detailed info regarding Dreamer Ro Functions will be added in a relatively near future, since i haven't experienced everything about all jobs yet, but mostly.

So, without further ado, allow me to give you a small ride to get acquinted with the new jobs. Let's first take a look at the following chart.

  • Rune Knight - Knight, Lord Knight
  • Warlock - Wizard, High Wizard
  • Ranger - Hunter, Sniper
  • Arc Bishop - Priest, High Priest
  • Guillotine Cross - Assassin, Assassin Cross
  • Mechanic - Black Smith, White Smith
  • Royal Guard - Crusader, Paladin
  • Shura - Monk, Champion
  • Sorcerer - Sage, Professor
  • Dark Chaser - Rogue, Chaser
  • Generic - Alchemist, Creator
  • Minstrel - Bard, Clown
  • Wanderer - Dancer, Gypsy

Knight > Rune Knight The Rune Knight is the job 3rd Knight. It looks like Chaos’ armor in the RO manga. It focuses on high damage dealing, and recieve the highest HP count (strangely enough, as it should be the Royal Guard) Can ride a dragon, and increase it's speed while riding it; also increases it's weight carry. Main weapon, 1 and 2 handed spears.

external image runeknightse2.jpg

Wizard, High Wizard > Warlock The Warlock is the job of 3rd Wizard. The clothing is simple to permit easy movement. It is designed as a sorcerer for large-scale battles. They focus on elemental damage, being able to cast different forms of elemental magic (AoE, CnD, and semi AoE) Their main weapon remains to be Staves.
external image warlock.jpg

Hunter, Sniper > Ranger The Ranger is the 3rd job Hunter. Their colors are based on the colors of green and camouflage military and leather accessories. They have a military aspect and sports. They improve ranger's hate on Brute and plant enemies, and improve the animal aid, using a Warg. Their main weapon remains: Bow and arrow.

external image ranger_.jpg

Priest, High Priest > Archbishop Males appear like those serious members of the clergy. Females look like the pope in the Rachel temple. The Buffmaster gone crazy: all those beautiful HP buffies can now be casted at whole parties! HP improved too. Besides, they get a nice, handy and low aftercasted magic called Judex. Main weap: Staff, Book.
external image archbishop.JPG
Assassin, Assassin Cross > Guillotine Cross The Guillotine Cross looks like Loki. Armors are made of bones and sharp tusks. Everyone's DpS favorite goes all the way home with their new poisons, which can be used as Ragni skills. They also get some handy evasion skills, and a high DpS skill. Main Weap: Katars.

external image guillotine_cross_.jpg

Blacksmith, Whitesmith > Mechanic The Mechanic is the job of 3rd Blacksmith. The mechanic’s sprite has only one garment. They get some handy mech like things called MADOs. Now, this is where it gets interesting; it works on fuel, bullets, cannon, special equips designed to customize your mados, and skills that work only with determined equips; and those equips are good, and cheap! now, not everything can be cute; should your MADO get too much damage, it will begin to heat, and even explode! Main weap: Pilebunker, custom MADO weapon. Still, you can use axes, and have some skills.

external image mechanic_.jpg

Crusader, Paladin >> Royal Guard . What’s cool about the paladin’s is their mount that is the gryphon and there are skills wherein Royal Guards can use with other Royal Guards to produce much powerful effect. They are way way more defensive-oriented than Crusaders or Paladins. If Ragnarok Rune Knights are more on offensive part, the Ragnarok Royal Guards are more on the defensive part. They get some pretty cool self-preserving skills, but when banded togheter, they POOL THEIR HP, making them almost unkillable. Main weap: Spears.

external image royalguard.JPEG
Monk, Champion >> Shura The Ragnarok Shura looks like a buffed version of a champion. Just like the Champions, they have deadly skills that could kill you in one strike. Shura's skills improve the use of those beautiful spheres around him, allowing himself to buff, heal, cure, silence, and stuff with them, and even get more than 5, up to 15. Main weap: Knuckles.

external image shuradesign.JPEG

Sage or Scholar >> Sorcerer The Ragnarok Online 3-2 Third Job class sorcerer looks awesome. They can now be able to practice 5 elemental magic, the new one being the poison type. Still, most of them aren't active, but once they are, they should be able to even summon elementals. Warlocks deal pure damage; Sorcs can deal damage creatively. Main weap: Books

external image sorcerer.JPEG

Rogue, Stalker >> Shadow Chaser The Ragnarok Shadow Chaser can go perfectly invisible but with Ghost property attacks. Another funny thing is it has a manhole skills that traps one player or monsters. Besides, they can scare away Dragons, pecos, and stuff, using their masquerades. Most of its skills are based on paints, graffiti like; using paint cans as catalyst. They are the natural debuffers of the game. Main weap: they don't specialize in weapons, as they have only a few dagger/sword skills (including the swordman's sword pasive buff) and a bow skill.

external image shadowchaserdesign.JPEG

Alchemist, Biochemist >> Genetic. Genetics will be able to have new skills that can allows them to through items to deal damage. Also, they will be able to create food items and may be able to brew a lot of potions. They can also deal some nice damage through their creations. Besides; they get some nice cart skills. A rather interesting update. Main weap: Axe.

external image genetic.jpg

Dancer, Gypsy >> Wanderer The Ragnarok Third job class Wanderer looks really cute and angel like. The Wanderer has an angel wings and I would be dying to have one. If Ragnarok Minstrel supports the melee, Ragnarok Wanderers on the other hand supports the characters that has magic attacks. Of course, they can use their whips to deal some serious damage, and have a DpS skill, which is rather nice to have. Main weap: Whips.

external image wanderer.JPEG

Bard, Clown >> Minstrel The Ragnarok 3rd job class Minstrel looks like a character in Alice in Wonderland. Minstrel is a good support for a melee party. It's buffs are really focused, even so if some are still unactive. Main weaps: Guitar.
external image minstreldesign.JPEG

So, that's that. Depending on how many people still reads these guides, or wether is read at all, ill go class by class updating which skills works on Dreamer Ro, how, and how useful are them. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as i did writing. For further discussion, or if you want to help in my research (greatly appreciated, as i would love to have someone to cast 3rd jobs skills and do math to) PM online.
Thanks for listening, stay tuned.

IGN: lordkaede
Status: Complete.