Bow Stalker/Shadow Chaser Guide

This guide is for those who understand the basic mechanics of the game and are interested in bow stalkers/shadow chasers..

1) Stats for a bow rogue/stalker.

Below is a rough guide of stats recommended for your bow rogue/stalker at level 500.
Str - 200 (for carrying items)
Agi - 90 (for Gemini-S58 Card)
Vit - 400 (for HP, beware of thana users)
Dex - 500 (damage and sure strip)
Int - 100 (for Amonra Card)
Luk - the rest (for little critical)
external image screendreamerro019.jpg

2) Equipment

---Assorted Weapons for Assorted Events...^^---
external image screendreamerro025.jpg

♥ +10 Triple Bloody Crucial Composite Bow (3Hydra, 1LoD) or Penetration Double Bloody Crucial (1Thana, 2Hydra, 1LoD) - For hybrid Triangle Shot/Double Strafe - ASPD.

♥ +10 Hybrid Triple Stun Composite Bow (1SideWinder, 3Savage Bebe) - For Perfect Stun to Full Strip

♥ +10 Hybrid Triple Cursing Composite Bow (1SideWinder, 3Magnolia Card) - for Curse - run - Curse - run technique...^^

♥ +10 Hybrid Triple Crucial Composite Bow (1SideWinder, 3 LoD) - for RICH status inflicting weapon.. (for players with IFD or DC equips)
with the new effect of sidewinder cards, using a weapon with 1 and a damage card will increase your leveling speed if don't have insanely high int.

♥ +10 Perfect Triple Liberation Composite Bow (1Phreeoni, 3Abyssmal Knight) - For MVP hunting...



♥ Upper: Marshmallow Cap (-35% damage from Humans) with Nightmare Card so u wont fell asleep in PVP... haha..^^
external image screendreamerro029.jpg

♥ Mid: Great Butterfly Wings (+25% damage to Humans) with Gemini-S58 Card for other status ailments...
external image screendreamerro030.jpg

♥ Lower: Dark Chakra or Immune Fire Dragon (Resistance to silence and freeze, +5% HP) with Gemini-S58 Card for 60% resistance to stun, and 100% resistance to stone curse..
external image screendreamerro031.jpg

Other useful headgears:

♥ Baphomet Horns (12%damage to Humans, ATK + 240 if joblvl 120) with Gemini-S58 card

♥ Punk Beanie (Auto-cast Lvl7 sonic blow) with +atk cards... - for MAX ASPD type..

♥ Loaded Blue Wings (Dex + 15) with Gemini-S58 card..

♥ The NEW Desert Prince Cap (15% chance to get 50% damage to HP) with +atk cards for more damage to HP...

---Garment / Cape---
external image screendreamerro027.jpg
♥ Aesprika or E.Aesprika (30% resistance to all elements, +30flee) with raydric or deviling, whisper ,dustiness (for those Jupitel Thunder crazy wizard).

external image screendreamerro023.jpg
♥ +10 Valkyrie's Armor (+1 to all stats) with Ghostring card (anti-ASURA) or Tao Gunka card (anti-Thana).

Other useful armors

♥ +? Newbie armor (+50% max HP)


♥ Sleipnir[1] (20% hp/sp, fast movement speed) with Amon Ra card.
external image screendreamerro026.jpg

♥ as usual, DEX MEGS!!! (+40 Dex)
external image screendreamerro028.jpg
Other Useful Accessories

♥ Newbie gloves (+10 to dex, str, and int) with Zerom card as usual.

3) General Strategies & Tips for PvP.

Aha.. finally.. the fun part.

1. Always carry a cranial buckler with you. Strip your enemy then switch to your bow and triangle shot/DS the crap out of them.

2. Remain out of sight unless you are attacking/stripping. Even with a party, its not your job to tank.

3. Hide!! from spells like Strom Gust, Lord of Vermilion and even asura strike.

4. If your pvping with a party, tunnel drive near your opponent's party and observe what job class they have before your party attacks. Plan suitable strategies. Know yourself and your enemy and you shall be victorious.

5. You CAN strip frozen/stoned people. So Storm Gust in your Plagiarism is recommended.

6. Know when to strip and when to attack with your bow.

7. Use your status inflicting weapons wisely. Status composite bows are nice to shoot pneumaed players(they'll still get the status even though no damage is caused. And not only that, when they'll pneumaed you don't have to worry about breaking the ice/waking them up after you freeze/make them fall asleep).

4) Tips/Strategies Against Specific Jobs
Note: this strategies do not guarantee winning a particular class. .its simply suggests how to combat them effectively.(Or as effectively as a bow stalker/shadow chaser can, remember all classes have counters.)

♥ Lord Knights/Rune Knights
♦There isn't much to tell about knights really. Just equip your cranial buckler, strip his/her weapon (spam with SG-Triangle shot/DS). Then strip the rest of his equipment and double strafe/Triangle shot away~ Its annoying when they endure and run though.
♦Be sure to wear Pasana armor to counter Dragon Breath.

♥ Paladins/Royal Guard
♦Basically the same as knights. Just remember to backslide/hide from Grand Cross. You might not be able to kill those Grand Cross/heal crusaders though (they just keep healing). Just let your party murder them after they are naked.(That sounds so wrong.)
♦Use your range, They can only attack near you..

♥ Whitesmiths/Mechanic
♦Whitesmiths are almost the same as knights. Whitesmiths are a pain though. After they are naked and you take out your bow.. they'll use meltdown and try to break your weapon with their punching. Either keep backsliding (not really good now that it has delay), or hide and move as far as you can shoot and double strafe/triangle shot him from afar. They'll probably start running when you do this though. If they manage to break your weapon.. wear your buckler and spam envenom on them. Poison will take away much of their hp. (Once this actually happened to me.. not sure who would have won though in the end cause I got killed by his party member). Or bring a golem carded weapon.

♥ Creators/Genetic
♦If they don't have chemical protection then you can take them down easy the usual way. If they have then I guess you'll have to try to kill them with your double strafe/Triangle shot. Chemical protection alchemist/creators are created specifically to counter the rogue class, thus its almost impossible to take them down with one.

♥ Sin-X/Glt-X
♦Assassins are easy just strip their weapon and double strafe/triangle shot. Sin-X are completely different how ever. To most other classes, EDP sin-X would be more deadly than soul breaker sin-X. However to the bow rogue/stalker, a soul breaker sin-X is much more of a threat. You can beat most edp sin-X as long as you strip their weapon before they kill you (not particularly hard with a cranial buckler). For soul breaker sin-X however it's a different story. This is because soul breaker sin-X don't depend on their weapon as much as edp sin-X. Soul breaker can still be painful without their weapon. Strip of soul breaker sin-X shield if they are wearing one. Strip off their weapon as well to reduce their damage. You can freeze them then strip them when they are frozen if you want to. Try your best to kill them after you strip them.
♦Rolling Cutter GLT-X are very painful if they can get close. Just Spam Storm gust to yourself, and try to strip them if frozen. Use Curse/Stun - run - Curse/Stun - run tactics

♥ High Wizard/Warlock/Professor/Sorcerer
♦Wear mdef gears and a marc card. Hide if Storm Gust or other AoE spells are casted. Do not let them get close enough to stone curse(Hide and tunnel drive away or backsliding).Double strafe/triangle shot him from afar. If you do get stoned/frozen however, switch to your cranial buckler(Yes, you CAN change your equipment when you are frozen/stoned), you should be able to survive at least once(not die in one frozen Jupitel Thunder) with proper gears.

♥ Champions/Shura
♦Its not impossible to defeat champs/shuras, its hard, but not impossible. Usually when champs come in pvp they want to kill many people. If he is asura ready(crit explosion and 5 spheres casted) don't go near him. Let him kill someone else first. Once he casts asura on another person, pop up beside him and full strip him. He'll probably casted all his spirit sphere asura-ready after a while. Wear marshy, immune, thara and a Ghostring armor and let him asura you (hide if possible). If he managed to hit you, you should not die with good gears. After you strip everything go out of range and double strafe/triangle shot him. They die easy without their gears. If they pneuma use blast clip or envenom to hit them. Another strategy is to keep double strafing/triangle shooting them and remain out of range once you see him. If all goes well he'll use pneuma to block your attacks and laugh at you. When this happens switch to your status bow and shoot him until he is frozen, then strip him when he is frozen. Or you can use quad curse bow to piss him off(he'll waste sp blessing himself) if he is wearing unfrozen. Don't forget to put your finger on top of your hide hotkey once you see a champ/shura in screen.(They usually forget to ruwach unless they fight stalkers/shadow chasers a lot) If you have ghostring card this guys are probably cake to you. If you cant win them dont get too disappointed, not many classes can fight champs/shuras anyway (at least bow stalkers/shadow chasers have a chance).

♥ Snipers/Rangers
♦If you think that hunters own a bow stalker/shadow chaser.. you are sadly mistaken ;P. A fight of a ranger/sniper vs a bow stalker/shadow chaser would be very interesting indeed. All you have to do is equip your buckler, creep up beside the sniper/ranger, then FULL STRIP!!! After you successfully done that, switch to your bow and kill him. Skilled snipers/rangers will try to use charge arrow/arrow repel to not let you get close. This is simple to counter, just hide and chase walk beside the sniper/ranger, BTW, chase walks are undetected by ruwach or detecting, chase walk beside him, then FULL STRIP, and spam with double strafing/triangle shoting. Repeat if necessary. As for those Falcon Assault snipers(those with really high int), I wouldn't recommend you to try to take one down with a bow stalker/chase walker. Just full strip them and let your party members deal with them.

♥ High Priest/Arch Bishop
♦Lets face it, their basically no way to take down a HP/AB alone with a bow stalker/shadow chaser. However, bow stalkers/shadow chasers do help much in taking down a HP/AB by stripping the hell out of them! If you get lex aeterna, hide and use the priest's ruwach to get rid of it, this saved my life a few times.

Hope this guide helps you, and thank you for reading it

Special Thanks to Mr. PATRICK CLEMENTE for lending me some equips
Status: Complete??? Maybe...^^ I'll just add if I can..^^