Hey, it's Protigee, writing a quick guide to help you stop those pesky errors from mercenaries, and send you off on your way to being a pro one day =].

Step One: You need to download the mercenary patch, which can be found here

Step Two: When the screen comes up to either OPEN, or SAVE, make sure to click SAVE and save it into your Dreamer RO folder.
Step Three: Once this is done, and the file is finished downloading, go into your DreamerRO folder and find the pile of books called DREAMER RO HR AI-BGM, and then right click it, and press Extract Here. After this is done, you will now see a new folder called AI. This will fix the problem of the mercenaries erroring you, and can now use them to level up.Mercenary_Patch.JPG

How to use Mercenaries in game: Basically, the Mercenary is a pet that helps you level, and does a lot of damage in the process. To get one, go to caspen, and go north east a little, just under the Quest/Others house. You'll see an NPC named Mercenary. Click on him, and say that you'd like to hire a mercenary, and hire a Lancer Master one. You will then receive a scroll, called Swordsman Master lvl 10. Double click on that, and you will get a person by your side, called Wayne. Hold ctrl, and press R, and a screen will pop up. Go to Skill, and drag the skill Spiral Pierce into your F Key Bar. Now, you just click on the Warper, go to Custom Maps, then go to Death Field. Just use Spiral Pierce on everything, and you'll be 500 in no time!!!

This is the NPC in Caspen to get your Mercenary

Thanks for reading!~
A guide by, Protigee
IGN: Protigee

Status: Completed