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Here is a quick basic guide for Newbies who are in need of making a little money!

Item Hunting
(Please note that these prices are based on the current estimate February 2010 and may change at any time based on the flow of the economy)

Item: Gold (@alootid gold)
Price: 100,000 sold to NPC

Monster Dropped By: Am Mut
Location: gld_dun01

Monster Dropped By: Grand Peco
Location: yuno_fild08

Item: Stone Of Sage (@alootid 12040)
100% drop rate Much more mobs then Am Mut and Grand Peco Plus a smaller Map!

Price 50,000 sold to NPC

Monster Dropped By:Observation / Dame of Sentinel
Solace / Lady Solace
Retribution / Baroness of Retribution
Shelter / Mistress of Shelter
Location: tha_t07

Item: Biotite (@alootid biotite)
This item is highly prized because it is a required quest item for the Hero Quest also later on during your journey it is needed to create Hero Equipment!
Price: 100,000,000 Zeny

Monster Dropped By: Mysteltainn
Location: gl_knt02

Item: Pirate Treasure (@alootid Pirate Treasure)
Price: 150,000 sold to NPC
Monster Dropped By: Death Jakk
Location: Izlu2dun


Item: Deviling Card
Monster Dropped By: Deviling
Price: 4,000,000,000
Location: pay_fild04

Item: Ghostring Card
Monster Dropped By: Ghostring
Price: 4,000,000,000
Location: pay_fild04

Item: Angeling Card
Monster Dropped By: Angeling
Price: 1,500,000,000 Zeny
Location: pay_fild04

Item: Maya Purple Card
Moster Dropped By: Maya Purple
Price: 1,000,000,000 Zeny
Location: anthell01

Casino Headgear NPC
When you play the Casino Headgear Lottery the price to play 1 time is 10,000,000z
You will recieve 1 headgear each time you play and also 1,000,000z will be placed into the lottery

Here are some of the cool headgears that are in demand!

Gentlemans Pipe
Price: 500,000,000z

Brazilian Hat
Price: 400,000,000z

Baphomet Horns
Price: 1,000,000,000z

Crown Parrots
Price: 1,000,000,000z

Slot Machine:
Its also a good way earning zeny, its all about luck (not the stat Luk xD) . just keep on trying, you might win Ace - Lil SinX :D

When playing casino you have to do some strategies just to maximize your zenny winnings, just wanna share mine i be able to generate 5b a day (imagine that if i l'll be able to play casino 7 times a week thats 35b a week and that is equivalent to 1 don ) I've been playing dRO for the past 2 months and look at me know i've got my mvp cards and dons as well you have to put your dedication but don't abuse yourself =D Whit3sharK

Zeph's Mission
Inside the Death Match Shop, there is a guy named Zeph. Talk to him and he will give you a mission(you can check your mission using @mission). Your mission is to kill a specific quantity of mobs in 1 hour. At first, your rewards are very low(up to 50m + 25 Rok Star badges + 20 DM points). But as you do more missions, your rewards increase every mission. Be aware that the difficulty of your missions also increases.

Personal Note: If you have to kill a Condor for your first mission, I would sit this one out. You have to put a terrible amount of effort if you have to kill Condors.

Bossnia Dungeon
This could be hard with the wrong character. So i would go with the Rune Knight.
Str- 150-170 ( To Carry either the loots or the charms)
Agi- (195 Atk Speed)/
Vit- Maxed Up
Int- 300 - 400
Dex- 140
Luk-No Need
Head(Top):Drooping Edgga ( against Scorpions which can cause 50k damage )
Head (Mid):Whatever you like
Head(Bottom)Whatever you like
Armor:Newbie Armor or Lucius Fire
Weapon:Ice Pick ( The Monster have high defence so this causes high damage )
Shield: V Shield ( Reduce damage from Fire Bolt )
Garment: V Manteau or Newbie
Shoes: Sprint ( so you can run from mobs )
Acc: 2 Sprint Rings or 2 Newbie Gloves with Spore

Note:Red Charms can be obtained from Fan Lizards so hunt them the most. Red Charms cost 1m each or even more with the right buyer.
The Monsters also drop several things such as 17 Carat Diamonds, These can be sold at prices such as 170k ( in shops )

Bossnia Guide by: West Coast

Generaly when farming in bossnia you'll nid a RK with ice pick and A basic stat of Max Vit 150 Dex for no cast and the skill Dragon Breath. When you have all 3, the skill the ice pick and the stat you can Breath away in bossnia and dont hesitate to use your Yggs so you can farm longer. @storage would help to.

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