Bearly started? Wanna test your skills in PvP, but dont know where to do so? Lucky for us, DreamerRO has a custom NPC that takes care of that, the PvP Manager.

First, look for the NPC named "PvP Manager" as shown in the picture:

(Note: These guys can be found throughout certain towns in dRO, not all. For this guide I'll use Caspen's PvP Helper.
Can also be accessed through the DreamerRO Helper, but you are limited to some dialouge options, so I suggest
using the PvP Helper instead)

Talk to the NPC, and you will be given choices as follows:


1. Warp to PvP
2. My PvP Stats
3. PvP Tournament
4. Cancel

1. Warp to PvP

If you click "Warp to PvP", you will be asked to choose from these options:


-3rd Jobs PvP:
PvP for 3rd job characters (you dont have to be a 3rd job to enter and fight in it though)

The arena looks like this:
In the arena, you will find some Guards, which you can talk to to Heal, Repair, or Leave the arena:

And you will also find PvP Helpers that you can pay to let him make an anouncment about you inviting the whole
server to come join the 3rd job arena for 10000 zeny. Use this if your the only one in the arena and would like
some players to battle with (results may vary):

PvP where you can win deathmatch points (DM points) to exchange for items at the DM shop (Heres my guide on the Deathmatch Shop ^,..,^)

(Note: 3rd job skills cannot be used in here)

The arena looks like so:

In the Arena, you will find some Guards and PvP helpers, just like in the 3rd Job PvP Arena:

(Note: This arena contains harsh laguage. Do not enter if you are easily offended)

-No-Custom Deathmatch
PvP arena similar to Deathmatch, but you cant equip custom items (donates, v4p, custom cards, etc)

This is how the arena looks like:

In this Arena, you'll find some Guards and PvP Helpers, just like the previous ones:


-Free for All
PvP similar to Deathmatch, but kills wont give you DM points.

(Note: 3rd Job characters are not allowed at all in this arena)

Once clicked, you will be warped to a place as shown:

In here, you will find some Guards and PvP Helpers, like the previous PvP Arenas:


2. My PvP Stats

Click this to check your PvP status:
-Number of Honor Kills
-Kill Count
-Death Count

3.PvP Tournament

Use this to enter a PvP tournament (If there is at the moment)

4. Cancel

To end conversation with PvP Manager

So thats that. Hope this helped, and thank you for reading. ^^

Status = Complete

IGN = xXMirelurkXx

Have any questions or comments? Feel free to PM me ingame ^^ I'll be happy to be of further assistance :3