Before You read this guide i would like to disagree on this build for pvp and woe the main reason is the skill Dragon Breath takes much regards to vit and with a high vit you'll easyly be taken out by a thana card. -a guy

Comment to above: Thats why you should use a Tao since it lowers your Def. -koblaster12345

This is my first guide so please don't be too harsh on it.
Hello I will be talking about the Rune Knight Dragon Build guide. First, you will need an ice pick to easily kill high defense monsters / players. If they have high enough defense, you will deal what will show 999,999. The real damage is higher than that, but it wont show higher than that. For the stats build you will need the following:

  1. Str = 200 or more (To hold stuff/deal more damage possibly?) I prefer 250 of this for more items.
  2. agi = 1 (Unnecessary for this build)
  3. Vit = 500 (Dragon Breath depends on HP/MP. This will help IMMENSLY)
  4. Int = 200 (you can make it 300 if you want but if using ice 200 is ok).
  5. Dex = 200 (To hit) I prefer 230-250 of this so I can hit just about anything.
  6. Luk is Unessecary in this skill

  1. Sleipner for 20% hp/20% mp good for Dragon damage to.
  2. Ice Pick for the damage
  3. Try to get your hands on a Lord Kaho's Horn
  4. Any slotted garment with Any damage reducers/hp givers
  5. Any hp Armor
  6. Any slotted shield with an HP card.
These Are my equips:

With these, I did enough damage.

Be aware though With the ice pick, it wont do 999,999 to low defense monsters/players.

If you want to do high damage to low defense players or MVPs, use a Pike [4] + 4 Abysmal Knight cards for MVPs and a Pike [4] + 1 Phreeoni Card + 3 Hydra cards OR 2 Hydra Cards and 1 Tirfing Card -Koblaster12345

I hope this guide helped you I got the Thanatos using Abracadabra With my professor.

Character name:IceyShots/IceDragonic (IceyShots is my sniper -.-)
Status: 100% complete.

Lol wow KoSLASHER, go easy on teh newbies xD. It aint their fault for being noobie, but ehhh. How they supposed to get an easy Tao xD? Lol