NOTE: This way of summoning Thanatos only applies to DreamerRO

Steps to summon Thanatos:

1.) Collect the 4 Fragments: Agony, Despair, Sorrow, Hatred

a.)1 Fragment of Despair
Dropped by : Thanatos Despero


@warp tha_t11

b.)1 Fragment of Sorrow
Dropped by: Thanatos Maero


@warp tha_t06
@warp tha_t10

c.)1 Fragment of Agony
Dropped by: Thanatos Dolor

@warp tha_t05
@warp tha_t09

d.)1 Fragment of Hatred
Dropped By: Thanatos Odium

@warp tha_t12

*Collect them in whatever order you want, you can also buy them from merchants in the vending area.

2.) After collecting those 4 different fragments warp to @warp thana_boss


First go to the spot of fragment of sorrow.....
you must type it this way " Fragment of Sorrow" because its key sensitive(thana_boss 217,167):

Then work your way down clock-wise to Fragment of Agony (thana_boss 202,75):

Fragment of Hatred (@warp thana_boss 80 76)

Fragment of Despair (thana_boss 62,171):
After the four fragments are inserted and monsters are defeated. You have to get to the north platform. In this north platform, you have to step near the center to trigger the monster summon. When you stepped onto the right tile (thana_boss 141,218), four monsters you previously summoned and defeated will be summoned again right next to you (be sure you can tank a few hits or just wait for res), again you must defeat them.

Once you have done that, Thanatos Phantom and his minions will be waiting for you at his spawn point (thana_boss 139,129).

Created by: Zero d Sniper

Edited by: Shadowsin