The Player Commands of DreamerRO

In DreamerRO, players have access to a total of 83 different @ commands. To see the full list in game, type in @commands.

To know the mapname and the coordinate, use /where in game. To talk to the staff, use @request

Here is the full list, and how to use the commands:
Sends a message to all the online GMs and Support Players. Can be used to ask for assistance.
(usage: @request <message to online GMs>)

Teleports you to a fixed point in a list of towns.

The list of available towns is as follows:
0= Caspen 1=Morroc 2=Geffen
3=Payon 4=Alberta 5=Izlude
6=Al De Baran 7=Lutie 8=Comodo
9=Yuno 10=Amatsu 11=Gonryun
12=Umbala 13=Niflheim 14=Louyang
15=Novice Grounds 16=Prontera 17=Jawaii
18=Ayothaya 19=Einbroch 20=Lighthalzen
21=Einbech 22=Hugel 23=Rachel
24=Veins 25=Moscovia 26=Battlegrounds
27=Splendide 28=Manuk 29=Dicastes
30=Brasilis 31=Dewata 32=Malangdo
33=Trading House 34=Vending Arena
(usage: @go <town number>)

Teleports you into the specified map and coordinates. If no coordinates are given, teleports you to a random spot on the map
(usage: @rura/@warp/@mapmove <mapname> {<x> <y>})

Teleports you into the specified coordinates.
(usage: @jump {<x> <y>})

Warp to save point.
(usage: @load/@return)

Opens your Kafra Storage. Holds up to 700 items
(usage: @storage)

Opens up your Guild's shared Storage. Holds up to 600 items, can only be opened by 1 person at a time
(usage: @gstorage)

Opens a secondary Kafra Storage that holds up to 10 items
(usage: @rentstorage)

To show help commands.
(usage: @h/@help)
NOTE: Loading a blank file, not actually showing any 'help' info ([GM] Panda 03/28/2014)

Saves a specific spot as a Warp point if you have Warp Portal to the slot specified (0-2). If no number is specified, lists current Warp points saved
(usage: @memo {<0..2>})

Renames your pet
(use @petrename <new name>

Cretes a party
(usage: @party <party name>)

Cretes a guild. Requires Emperium in your inventory
(usage: @guild <guild name>)

Lists all items that have the specified part of the name and their IDs
(usage: @idsearch <part of item name>)

Shows server time
(usage: @time/@date/@servertime@serverdate)

Shows the amount of time remaining for a jail sentence
(usage: @jailtime)

Shows the skill ID of a specific skill
(usage: @skillid <skill name>)

Shows how long since the last server reboot
(usage: @uptime)

Refreshes all sprites on the client
(usage: @refresh)

Returns the number of the searched mob inside the map, if any
(usage: @mobsearch <monster name>)

(usage: @skilltree <skillnum> <target>)
NOTE: Yeah I have no idea what this does or what it's even for. Every time I use it to test it just returns "Player using ?? skill tree (9 basic points) I do not believe the player can use that skill" ([GM] Panda 03/28/2014)

Can be used to automatically loot items
(usage: @autoloot/@aloot rate <amount> autoloots any items with a percentage drop equal to or lower than <amount>
usage: @autoloot/@aloot item <id/name> adds a specific item to the aloot list.
usage: @autoloot/@aloot info used to see the current item list and percent drop that is being autolooted
usage: @autoloot/@aloot help gives information about the autoloot commands)

Gives full information about the monster specified
(usage: @mobinfo <monster name or monster ID>)

Shows your current Base and Job level, as well as experience progress
@usage: @exp

Shows the Server rates for Normal, Boss and 'Other' Drop rates
(usage: @rates)

Gives information about the specified item
(usage: @iteminfo <item name or ID>)

Lists all monsters that drop the item, as well as percentage rates of item drop
(usage: @whodrops <item name or ID>)
Note: This command constantly bugs and tells you that no monsters drop the specified item. Must remember to look into it ([GM] Panda 03/28/2014)

Lists all the maps in which the specified monster is found, as well as how many of the monster spawn in the map (listed by monster quantity)
(usage: @whereis <monster name or monster ID>)

Displays text in a pseudo-action form. For example, if [GM] Panda were to use "@me is hungy". it would display:
  • :[GM] Panda is hungry: *
(usage: @me <message>)

Shows experience given by mobs
(usage: @showexp)

Shows zeny gained
(usage: @showzeny)

Shows skill delay failure
(usage: @showdelay)

Used to keep a merchant on without leaving your client on. After 24 hours, the merchant character will get kicked off the server. Logging in to an account that has a merchant currently autotrading in it will result in the merchant being kicked from the server.
(usage: @autotrade/@at)

Used by Guild Masters (or Guild Leaders, as they're more commonly known) to transfer the guild to another player. The other player must be on and inside the guild to transfer guild
(usage: @changegm <guildmember name>)

Used to give your party to another member of the party
(usage: @changeleader <party member name>)

Allows you to set up pickup and item sharing in a party (must be party leader)
(usage: @partyoption <pickup share: yes/no> <item distribution: yes/no>

To invite another player to duel. Must be in a duel to use this command
(usage: @invite <player name>)

Creates a duel. If no player name is specified, the duel created is up to 2 people. Can be used to have multiple people duel if the parameter given is a number. If a player name is given, creates a two-person duel and invites the player to it
(usage: @duel {<player name>/<maximum players for duel>})

To leave duel.
(usage: @leave)

To accept duel invitation.
(usage: @accept)

To reject duel invitation.
(usage: @reject)

Used to create an automatic response message denoting you are out of keyboard
(usage: @away/@aw <message>)

Lists off all commands usable by the player
(usage: @commands)

Activates auto-reject
(usage: @noask)

Shows the homunculus info.
(usage: @hominfo)

Shows the homonculus stats. Can be used when you have homonculus.
(usage: @homstats)

Displays the mobs on your minimap. Cannot be used for boss-type monsters
(usage: @showmobs <monster name or monster ID>)

To reset Star Gladiator 'feeling' maps
(usage: @feelreset)

To active K.S Protection.
(usage: @noks)

Char commands available.
(usage: @charcommands)

Changes the font your character uses to speak in public chat
(usage: @font <1..9>)

Displays your current Cash Points, Kafra Points, and IP Address
(usage: @myinfo)

Creates an IRC channel. Channel names must begin with #
(usage: @create <#channel_name> {<password>})

Joins an IRC channel.
(usage: @join <#channel_name> {<password>})

Leaves an IRC channel
(usage: @exit <#channel_name>)

Lists all currently open IRC channels
(usage: @list)

Lists all player merchants currently selling the specified item, and their coordinates.
(usage: @whosell <item name or id)

Turns on PK mode, allowing you to participate in PvP in regular towns without duels
(usage: @pvpmode)

Displays information about your current Hunting Quest
(usage: @mission)

Opens up password NPC, allowing you to password-protect your inventory, preventing anyone who uses your account to sell, buy, trade, or drop any items without putting in the password
(usage: @security)

Filters packets
(usage: @packetfilter <option>)

Displays mob info
(usage: @viewmobinfo)

Used by Guild Leaders to send out messages to their guild. Must be guild leader
(usage: @order <message>)

Changes the Team Leader in Battlegrounds. Can only be used by Team Leaders
(usage: @leader <name of character in team>)

Reports an AFK person in Battlegrounds
(usage: @reportafk <name of player>)

Displays the Ranked Battleground Fame List
(usage: @bgranked)

Displays the Regular Battleground Fame List
(usage: @bgregular)

Displays Battle Information
(usage: @battleinfo)

Last Update: 03/28/2014
Updated By: [GM] Panda